About Me

My journey is not unique. There are many travelers before me who have done what I'm doing now and many who have written about it. Many who, in fact, have inspired me to pack my bags and go.
That said, we all have a unique story to tell. And as an avid consumer of other people's stories for inspiration, reflection, resources and ideas - I thought I would share my mine.


After 15 years in the corporate world, I had a successful career as a marketing and brand strategist in the financial services industry. While I enjoyed my work, my passion was really for holistic health and wellness. So over the course of several years, in my "spare" time I studied to become a yoga instructor and a nutritional therapist, learning to nurture both mind and body.

But my heart was still dreaming of distant places, craving new experiences, longing for more creative outlets and time to catch my breath. When I couldn't ignore the pull anymore, I left my corporate job and packed up to travel the world with just a carry-on suitcase and an intention to answer my heart's call and feed my soul. (And to find the best coffee along the way.)

This site is home for all of the moments along my journey,
and likely other musings about who knows what.

I hope it inspires you to listen to whatever pulls you.